WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


128 Original


Introducing the 128 original RDA designed by uis vapes. To our knowledge this is the first RDA On the market that comes with two separate build decks. A two post deck with grub screws for all you temperature control nickel builders out there and a three post deck with 2.5mm post holes and large flat head screws. 5mm juice wells on both decks and a square peak insulated center post on the 3 post deck to prevent spinning. Adjustible copper pin and four separate Derlin drip tips.


There are 8 reviews for this product.

on 03/13/2017 @ 06:03am
by Ponyboy
Have to say this 128 will take everything n anything u put or put it through one of my tuffest drippeds

on 03/23/2016 @ 11:04am
by justin boyle
Ive had this rda for 6 months now build quality is amazing machining is top notch only issue i had was with the grub screws for the 2 post stripping out 9ther than that fantastic rda

on 03/06/2016 @ 06:31pm
by Earl W.
I picked up this RDA at the Detroit Vape Expo. The price was excellent. I must say I did not have bures on the airflow control. Love having the two build decks, and different caps. The clouds and taste are very good, if not outstanding. Thank you UIS Vapes for giving your customers quality and great value products

on 01/18/2016 @ 05:01pm
by Cliff
My favorite Rda. I thought my 13 heavens 9 hells was the best until I picked the 128 up. At first it was the two decks that drew my attention, but even better is the air adjustment. I can really fine tune the flow with ease and perfectly tune it to my coil and wattage. I got the stainless version and like the other review there were burs on the airflow ring that filed off fine. The only other gripe was the center pin was turned sideways. Used my coil making kit tool to drive the pin out and turn it. Even with the gripes it still the best of my fleet!!

on 10/22/2015 @ 08:21am
by Andre Bowen (www.btvapors.com)
GREAT RDA this became one of my favorites overnight. The airflow control is perfect I love the size and placement of each hole and the ability to shut them off one by one. Running one on my PWM box and my VCM tube. Oh and the 3 post fits the bg cap for the little boy.

on 10/17/2015 @ 03:56pm
by Kevin w.
This is hands down my favorite rda. Great flavor and clouds plus 2 build decks and tons of accessories.

on 09/10/2015 @ 05:06am
by Jerry
Really digging this dripper. It's usually on my snow wolf for most of the day. Had some burrs on the airflow section of the top cap but they were filed out easily. For the price this is a damn nice dripper.

on 08/06/2015 @ 04:34pm
by Dave
These things are slick! Two build decks? Comes with chuff caps!!! Airflow is perfect. Absolutely solid RDA. I love mine!

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